My artwork is continually being inspired by nature, animals and people. Sometimes it feels like that I understand animals and nature better than humans. Animals and nature are an open book, you see when something is wrong or wright. However, humans are much more complex in their expressions and feelings. 

As a child I was stubborn, I wanted to be my own person, run wild and free. From a young age I built a little cave-like house from tree branches in our backyard. I decorated it, collected things from the street, and small objects from the house and hung them on strings from the ceiling, I would then lie down on the ground, look up, and think about what I had created. 

Growing up in a very religious family made me a rebel I wanted to do things differently even from a young age. Beauty played an important role in my life and it shaped me into who I am today.

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"My artwork is continually being inspired by nature, animals and people."

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I studied at the College of Agriculture and Horticulture and after that I studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Utrecht.  I travelled a lot for my studies, and nature was always by my side. I eventually graduated in Monumental with specialities in photography, and painting.  

My husband, my children and female artists such as Augusta Savage, Camille Claudel, Grete Stern, Frieda Kahlo, Käthe Kollwitz, Tina Modotti, Alice Barney, Niki de Saint Phalle all inspire me. They all work from their inner soul, I feel connected whith them. They believe in their own nature and power. Also I get my inspiration off old historical pieces that I integrate into my work.

No sketches
My process exclusively takes place in my head. I don’t sketch or do mockups before I begin. To open my mind I work in my gardens, (in France and the Netherlands) and I get visions there of what my work will look like.

Madonna with child: the child has an egg in its hands. The beginning of a new freedom. A mother is central to everything that happens with children and life. I think we women should stand up and say: "No, no more war." If we can achieve that war is over. Maybe a thought that is too simple.

1. Inspiration Augusta Savage a surrealist who had a difficult childhood, but who kept creating 
her sculptures even if she wasn't permitted to create. 2. Inspiration: Alice Barney 

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Humankind has always considered itself lord and master of the animals. This is especially the case with horses, which in almost all cases are cast in a serving role. I have always considered it objectionable that such a noble animal should be bent to the will of humans. That is why I coloured the horse blue, which to me is the colour of the divine, the universe, spirituality. 

The horse is humbly kneeling in front of humans. The boy on its back is holding a finger to his lips, warning us to be silent so as not to distract the horse. It is difficult for a horse to kneel down. The white porcelain birds on the boy’s body symbolise freedom. The humility displayed by the horse however is just a pretence. In its mind it has always remained free. The tail is pointing away from its hindquarters, a sign of joy and freedom.

The horse in the painting has regained its freedom. With its head and tail held high, it gallops away from the humans, away into the
wide world.


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"To open my mind I work in my gardens, and
I get visions there of what my work will look like."

with Jackie Sleeper

by nature

"My artwork is continually being inspired by nature, animals and people."

Want to see more and enjoy the special effects? Check the aricle on your Desktop computer or tablet.

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After trying to get in contact with Jackie for some time, I was finally able to catch her at one of Utrecht’s ‘Cultural Sundays’.  We talked for a while and I found her to be so open and honest, which also characterises her work and makes it so personaal. She made it her life task to make people aware that we need nature. In her work she wants to help provide healing to real events in the world.

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